Sunday, November 18, 2012

The cats

Tomorrow I will be taking My Curley Eared ,Miss Patches
,the 2 kittens I took from the farm & made my son take in,Feather & Blaze,plus Zeke has his annual the vets.I`m hoping they`ll take a special credit for the spaying & declawing of the rescued kitties.I tried to find a home for Patches,she is such a beautiful cat,but no takers.I wanted a home for her with no other cats,but didn`t advertise her that way because I was afraid people would think she sprayed.She doesn`t,she just bullies! Everyone in cat kingdom gets along with her now by ignoring her,except my mom`s 2 cats.They have it in for her.I`m PRAYING when she is fixed she will have a different aura about her.
Mr.Curley Eared

Blaze,son`s kitten

Feather,son`s other kitty from the farm

Simba & Zeke spooning,brothers,a year apart
Mittens,horrified that I caught HER spooning with Zeke
Just a side note,my son removed the one cat carrier I need from my van-I was carrying it about-& hid it,so I had to borrow someone else`s so I would have enough tomorrow.Wish me luck!


phylliso said...

I keep getting double photos,I must be doing something wrong when uploading.
Another comment that I didn`t post with this,I just found out last year that I`m allergic to cats & feathers,I`m currently undergoing the shots. I`m told the shots really do work.phyllis

Debra said...

Oh my word, Phylliso-you are one brave soul! I had to laugh about the cat being horrified! He really looks that way!