Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blogger Issues

I am not a happy person these days with blogger.I know I should "let it go".It is just every time I turn around,I`m angry again about stupid stuff.
Tonight when I went to my reading list,there is a blog there that took up TONS & TONS of space so I couldn`t readily see the ones I do read.Now how do I get it off when I don`t even have it listed to follow to begin with?
It`s an honest mistake,I suppose.I follow a blog called Robin`s Egg Bleu It`s a blog about dollmaking,& I adore her work.Well,blogger has me following It has long dreary articles{sorry bleu1}taking up huge amounts of my space about art & antiques.I never subscribed to it,don`t know how to get it off.Just had to gripe about it.I just believe what time I do have I shouldn`t have to spend it figuring this crap out.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Hi Phyllis,

So sorry you are having problems with Blogger. I've had the same thing happen to me, suddenly a blog I've never followed is clogging up my whole reading list. Well, actually, I once followed the blog, but I think the person deleted the account and someone else took the name over and started another (VERY different type of one. The one clogging mine had lots of VERY naughty stuff on it. Nothing dreary, that's for sure.

It took me awhile but with the help of my husband I was able to navigate through and unfollow...unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember how I figured it out.

I was using the blog your are referencing and someone hit it with a virus, so I deleted the account and began an new one with the #2 instead of the #1. Apparently someone took the name. I checked it out, at least it's not obscene material.

Best of luck with it, my reading list is also inundated with other complaints about blogger, such as having to pay to post photos now.

Maybe it's time for us all to just find another site to work from.

Debra said...

If you are signed in to your google account, go to your spot where you can see your reading list. At the far right on the top of the screen, you'll see a little gear icon. Click it. It will then say manage your reading list. Then you'll just have your blog list and it will say settings-click that, and you should have a window that pops up, and you can delete any blog you don't want, one by one. Sometimes it makes you sign in with your password first, but then you can start deleting blogs. I just did it, and it was not easy to figure it out, because I had to sign in again.
Hope this helps-sorry for not so good directions-ask me if you have more problems...maybe I can help...