Sunday, December 9, 2012

Northern Mockingbird family mimidae

The northern mockingbird is in the same family with the gray catbirds & brown thrashers that come here in the spring.I only have seen the mockingbird in the fall and winter in my backyard.
this is what I was up against trying to photograph him
they love the burning bush berries
you can see the flick of its white tail feathers here
I never got blackberry vines,raspberry vines,honeysuckle,grapevines,you name it pruned this year & they have crept into my space here in what I had tried to make part yard.I`m tempted just to plant pines everywhere  & be done with it.However,unpruned areas make the perfect places for birds to hide in the winter.I`m shooting for clipping back in the spring,before the nesting birds come,Wishful thinking,maybe!
The first day that I saw him,I was talking on the phone outside & he posed perfectly out in the open,but I was too polite to say,"got to hang up,got a bird here I need to get a picture of." I don`t expect him to leave for awhile,so hopefully better pictures coming.
I`m editing this post to include it to wild bird Wed.Please enter your bird photos to this site & join in the fun seeing birds of all kinds around the world.


ImSoVintage said...

He seems to like his little hiding space. Maybe he is just shy and wants to say hello, but is waiting for an invitation :)


Debra said...

I love to hear these birds-they are crazy! I've read they will even make songs that sound like cell phones ringing! Your photos are amazing-you are patient! Mockingbirds seem to love briars and thorny trees.

phylliso said...

He does seem to like his hiding space,rightfully so with that hawk still hanging about.The berries were just too tempting in the end,though.
I was patient,Debra! I had to wait quite awhile for him to trust me to fly out.I hear them sometimes too at night,not too often though as some people say they sing loudly at nightime,not for me.phyllis

Judy said...

Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing them. He reminds me of a mockingbird that we would see each day when we lived in Alabama. He would make the sound of a hawk, scaring the other birds away, and that made us laugh as it was such a good imitation.

Stewart M said...

Hi there - nice pictures of a bird I'd like to see!

Thanks for the plug!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Larry said...

Cute fluffed up little Mocker Phyllis!