Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rabbit Grooming

It took me all afternoon to groom the 4 bunnies,I did not finish Ginger underneath,will do it another day.My nail clippers fell apart,so will try to fix them,then I`ll finish her nails.It feels good to let them ram around in their room.Thank you Dan & Joey!!!
I took the heater out,so no wires to worry about,nothing to chew,so they had a great time.I kept Ginger away from Cloud & Buster as I promised to never breed her,she has a difficult time having babies,but hopefully Dori is bred again.What shall I do with more bunnies? Probably give them to family & friends with a contract that I get their fiber to spin.
I have not spun any of the angora fiber from the bunnies yet.It is so fine,so soft that I think it has to be mixed-for me anyhow-to spin.I haven`t spun anything lately,been working on prayer shawls for 2 dear friends of mine.
Here is Dori,mother of Buster.Cloud,the white bunny ,is the german angora who is Buster`s father.It says in my rabbit books that I can breed Dori to her son,Buster,but that is just gross.The first & last time I bred Dori we got Buster & another "black" one & one like Cloud,those 2 died.Hopefully if she is bred this time we will be able to save any if there is trouble.

Dori,from Sherry Tenney`s Angoras


Ginger,yes,there is a face under there

Buster,Dori & Cloud`s almost year old son
Mr.Curley Eared loves to try out all cages
The dh is still sleeping,it is 3:13 pm here in Pa.I pray he`ll get better,but he is not on the transplant list yet.


Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

Bellisimo, Feliz Año Nuevo.

Debra said...

Oh my-these guys are really cute!!!!My hubby and I looked together at them-I don't think we'd seen rabbits like that before! I'm glad they love their new place....
Happy New Year, dear friend. Hope you are feeling well.
Love, Debra

Judy said...

What neat bunnies! I haven't tried spinning angora, but it looks like it would be fun, maybe challenging?, to spin. Happy New Year to you and your family,