Monday, March 11, 2013


April the donkey
My friend,Cathleen,took her baby son & me for a ride to Amish country a couple of weeks ago.She shares the same interests as I,& we were shopping for different things,one being tinctures.Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts that are made usually by using alcohol such as vodka to seep with different herbs to make your own meds with.I just believe God has given us this earth to supply us with herbal ways to heal ourselves,as I get older,I feel more strongly about it.
The Amish were not all that far from us,but hard to locate because the ones we went to are  not allowed to place signs showing that they have a store.I`m glad Cathleen was driving as she wasn`t afraid to drive around people`s property,even when we had the wrong place! Towards the end of the afternoon,early evenning,we got to the place that sells tinctures,We ended up looking at some by flashlight till the Amish lit the gaslight so we could see a little.
This book written by Rachel Weaver is priceless.It is called "Be your own doctor".When I did have time to sit & look through it,there was an article in there about cleansing the liver & using a caster oil pack.Now,I`m not making my husband drink anything.He is taking milk thistle recommended by our doctor.But this oil pack is made by using soft flannel & caster oil ,heated & placed over the liver area with plastic over it,then a heating pad.Keep it on for 2 hours,however often you have time to,the oil helps the t-11 cells in your body,& they aid in the healing of many things such as cancer & other diseases.It can`t hurt to try it,& it may actually help.
I`m blogging Cathleen & her donkey,April,these were taken back in Dec.The donkey was a little scary to me.
tinctures are not cheap,but last a long time
the sunlight coming through the boards of the barn glowed on these well kept horses
We stopped at some of her relatives along the way who had a baby lamb & goats.I hope they don`t mind me posting these,but the goat lovingly placed his head on this child`s shoulder & I couldn`t resist snapping the shot.The countryside was just beautiful.It is a whole different world over there in Path Valley/Spring Run.


Joyful said...

I really hope the tinctures do help your husband. I too believe in these kind of remedies.

The photos are all lovely and show a peaceful countryside. The donkey in the last photo looks absolutely huge. Is it really bigger than the woman or is it the angle of the photo?

Phyllis Oller said...

She is really huge,I guess that`s why I was a little scared,especially with her barreling down the hill towards us.Phyllis

Debra said...

Oh what a nice post! I loved the photos! I loved your story of the trip too-I felt like I was along with you! I believe in using natural remedies too-sure hope it all helps you and your hubby.
Love you, and been thinking a lot about you...