Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Wild Turkey came a callin`

coming up the driveway
but they are leaving?
where`d they go?
anyone home? I`d like some corn,please
Our township cleans up our leaves & brush in the spring & fall if we get it up to where they can pick it up,for me it means wheel barreling it to the road from our lane.
think I`ll just pretty myself up some
I`m wheelbarreling & stop a minute to catch my breath,& think I see our neighbor,Matt,had put out a lawn decoration.He is single,& somehow I couldn`t imagine him spending money on something like that.The thing moved & started up the road,crossed the road & continued up the drive to my other neighbor`s house,my friend,Donna,who had her geat granddaughter visiting today.It was a wild turkey!
I just know someone is in there

The turkey wasn`t afraid of the flag blowing in her yard,he was not afraid of anything.I quickly went for my camera as this was starting to unfold.She/he examined everything,looking in the windows to see if anyone was home,finally ending at the open door where she looked in.She then decided to pretty up her feathers before knocking againMy neighbor,Donna & Brooklyn went out the back door & came down to talk to me as they watched the turkey.She said-with a dead pan face,well,Tom always said he was coming back,I just didn`t realize he was going to be Tom the turkey.Her late husband`s name was Tom.I thought I would die laughing at her..When no one would let the bird in,he meandered across the grass.Donna put her garage door open & left in her car with her great granddaughter,Brooklyn.He looks  if to ssay,where did they go?He started around the back of her house,at which time I gave up spending any more time watching him.I watched it for a half hour.You just never know what you`ll see next up here.
look both ways before crossing the road


Joyful said...

I've never seen a wild turkey. I like the photo where the bird is looking into the house. Ha, ha, that is cute.

Anni said...

Oh my close, up close and personal!!

What an excellent array of this turkey. And your neighborhood should have a traffic sign..."Turkey Crossing".

Excellent post.

Debra said...

Phylliso-You crack me UP!!!!

Phyllis Oller said...

hah,hah,hah! It was sooo funny,especially when my neighbor suggested he may be her late husband,oh,my..! I suggested that our local newspaper print it,but they probably won`t,sometimes people need a feel good story once in awhile.phyllis

Tom said...

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