Friday, April 26, 2013


I got behind in posting on the birds that migrate.April 7th is when the brown thrashers showed up.They are way off this year,as a rule,they arrive the week of the 20th.I had 1 who was off course years ago & showed up here in Pa in Jan.He was looking for a drink of water.
On the Sun.they arrived,they sang high above me.It wasn`t the usual thrasher melody,this sounded like a catbird`s mimic sounds,chrips,songs,a repertoire of music I associate with the catbird.
goldfinches are wearing their summer colors of bright yellow
The catbirds did arrive,on the week of the 20th.So,things were a little different this year,for whatever reason.
male goldfinch

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Debra said...

Oh I am so jealous of your thrashers! We do have them some years...We still wait for the catbirds to arrive here. Please send us some!