Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We had light frost last night.It didn`t affect my peach tree,but it did the grape vines ,magnolia trees,& some other trees I can`t think of the name of.But there are still blooms about.
I`ve found 3 dead birds so far this year.First a robin,he looked fine,I just wonder if he turned the corner too fast between the shed & the wood pile,then I was heartbroken to see a hermit thrush dead at the goats old pen,he still had insects in his mouth.The brown thrashers were bullying the pair of thrushes,& it was the first pair of thrushes that I`ve had for awhile.I saw the other one in the woods collecting food.I wonder if they had already nested,what will become of the offspring if there`s only 1 to feed them?
Then there was the baby bird,apparently taken from the nest,it`s throat gashed.It was a formed bird,but not yet feathered.It may have been a bluejay.
I`ve been spending alot of time outdoors,so I`m bound to see & find such things.
We are still waiting on the medical center to call to set up an appt.for my husband.
peach tree
robin burying his head to catch the worm
let some weeds grow for the bees

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Judy said...

Wow, frost in May? Is that usual for your area? I know that here in Boise we can have freezing temperatures through mid-May. That's too bad about the dead birds that you've found. I wonder what happened to the thrush? I saw the first hummingbird just the other day :-)
Hello from Idaho,