Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My husband`s nurse from Pittsburgh called me today,she wanted to know what I was doing & how I am.I got choked up.No one ever asks about me.
I told her I was filling hummingbird feeders again,& I`m doing ok.My husband was still asleep as we spoke,& it was already 3:30pm.He takes his morn meds in the evenning & evenning meds when he comes to bed-whenever that may be.I made him buy headphones for the tv so I can get some sleep at night.He got up at 7pm today,as I had to get our granddaughter off the bus for my son, who I took to work at 12:30,so he did get to see Savannah a little.Then I had to go get my son & take them both to his my mom`s place that I bought & he is fixing up.Now the husband is fast asleep on the couch again.Ten to 1,he`ll awake when I`m ready to sleep.We barely say 2 words anymore.On the 23rd it will be exactly 20 years since his first transplant.He is now 62 & his papers are at Hershey.We`ve not heard anything yet.
His nurse said that the doctor wanted to follow him & see him every 3 mos.,& I told her,what`s the point if he`s not getting transplanted there.She wanted to let me know she is praying & we can come back if  we want.I know we don`t want.
I`ve been spending alot of time on facebook.I`m PhyllisAnn HoovenOller on there.There are days I can`t write,so my posts here have been not daily as I would like.
Leaving you with pics,blooms,hubby with Chloe wrapped around his head,my son`s cats,which will be here forever I`m sure.I believe I have 8 now.
I still haven`t got the plants in the garden,it did get tilled up.I`m trying to do things on my own.I was going to try to put the spark plugs in the lawn mower,but my son says they need "gapped" so I have no idea there on what I`m doing.He will do it for me.
humm there`s alot of cobwebs up here
I must learn these things as I do most everything now,& it sure isn`t easy.


Joyful said...

It's difficult to look after oneself when one is responsible for the care giving of others and then have to do everything on top of it. Please take care of yourself. I know it is easier said than done. If it is possible, you need to start looking for and putting together a team of people you can call upon for help. It may take some time but you can do it. If you have any meet up groups in your town/city, that is a good place to meet people. Even people who are also care givers and give you a space to talk and get support. Hugs. xx

Debra said...

Hello dear-You worry me....you do need some time for yourself, and some help. You aren't totally healed up from the accident, are you? And here you are, taking on too much. Please do take care of yourself.
Love, Debra