Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23,1993 the liver transplant

I don`t know how long I can blog,it looks like storms again here in Pa.But I wanted to blog about what happenned 20 years ago on this day.My husband`s liver transplant.
May 22ond,1993, I was dressed for my nurse`s aide job,ready to walk at the door for my 11pm-7am shift,when we got the call.My husband was already in bed sleeping,he had worked up to the day he was called for the transplant,on oxygen,being a welder by trade,he`d go to work every day,put his oxygen in his locker,work,then leave at the end of his shift,wearing the oxygen on the way home .The hospital said,we believe we have your husband`s liver,leave now,& phone us when you get half way here,to Somerset.We called from the turnpike at Somerset,they said,keep coming out here.
.At 9am the 23rd,after all tests were done to make sure my husband was strong enough for the transplant,we went to the operating room.I never lost faith that he would survive,& when the surgeons asked me to come into the operating room,I did,& I felt the hand of God on all of us as the doctor said,join hands,& we will pray.We did,my husband cried,& our son & I left to wait.
Wait we did.The one doctor came out around supper to say he was still being operated on,he had already been in surgery for 8 hours,he said he had some rough times,but he is still coming through it.At 8 pm,I started pacing & pacing.I had never checked into the family house as I was afraid to leave the icu waiting room.By 9pm they came & got our son & I & took us up to his room.When I looked at him at that moment,my faith was shaken.His head looked huge on his body,like it was disconnected from his body or something.I cried out to God within myself,as I did not want our son to see me shaken.We left & went to the family house,which I forgot to check in during the approved hours,& was locked out.I remember being angry,at them,& they let us in & gave us a room,said we`d have to make our own beds.I was so thankful.
Then started the course of ups & downs over the next 3 months.I ended up sending our son home with friends,begged the social worker to let me stay somewhere till my husband could come home-somewhere-as I could no longer pay the $10 a day for the room.She placed me with a pastor who lived on the outskirts of town.The pastor was a woman,& an angel from God,for sure.
I was on leave from work,my husband couldn`t work,& our church stepped up & paid the 3 months mortgage on our home so we would not lose that.God is good.
During this time,I became very close to another family from Hazard,Kentucky,& we were close to another man from Delaware who was going through this a second time with his wife.I do not know what I would have done without them.There are so many stories I can tell about them,& others.I will ,maybe next time.
However I`ll have to type a little faster as it sure looks stormy outside.
We do not know who gave my husband the gift of life.We are forever grateful for all things that God placed at just the right moment,even the hospital that rejected him,I feel it was a blessing he was rejected by them,it just wasn`t where we were to go,I see that now.So,when you have hardships,& you ask yourself,why,why is God doing this to us? just remember,God works all things together for the good.
There are many things to be aware of when you have a transplant.We had to attend classes at the hospital before he came home.I recently learned that these classes are not part of every hospitals agenda,especially the hospital he was rejected from,we know for a fact as someone we know got a liver from them.they do not have these classes.
The rules are,never eat "dippy"eggs,drink only public or bottled water-never from a well or spring,swim only in chlorinated pools or salt water,never the lakes or rivers,don`t eat meriqane-can`t spell-from pies because the topping made from egg whites may have not been baked long enough to get rid of bacteria.Always wash everything,bagged lettuce,watermelons,cantalopes,every meat must be cooked well done,don`t eat at buffet restraunts-which we do,but not in flu season.Those are some of the basic things.
20 years is usually the limit on transplanted livers to remain healthy.There are meds a person can take to try to rid oneself of hep c,but twice my husband tried them & he became so ill from them he almost died.So,he could never try them again.That is why for one reason that I`ve looked into herbs.
I also have Hep C.I have tried those meds too.They are almost like a cancer treatment.I lost alot of my hair,& lost so much weight the doctor does not want me to try again for a while,& it`s been 10 years since my treatment.I grew my hair back,but never regained any weight & am thin.I was free from the hep c,but 6 weeks after treatment,my bloodwork showed I had as many cells of it as what I did 7 months before when I started the treatment.I doubt I will try it again.I`m going herbal,using mother earth & the plants God gave us to help us when we`re ill.We shall see how it goes.
My husband has good & bad days.The past 2 days have been bad.I`m hoping we hear something soon about another hospital.Hershey meets on Fri`s about transplants,so every Fri.I`m hoping his case comes up.
Thanks for being blogger friends who pray.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What an incredible story, that I think is one that shows the amazing strength and faith that both you and your husband have, and I will pray for that to continue and that his good health will be restored.

Joyful said...

That is an amazing story. I'm glad to know it as I'm sort of new to reading your blog. I am amazed at God's provision for you in so many ways. I know God is good but people don't always have people step up and help them even when they are believers so God has been so good in your situation. I'm sure he will continue to sustain you. I will pray for you and your husband too.

Debra said...

Phylliso-You are so brave, dear friend. I love the courage you are showing now-even though I know it's hard for you. It's wonderful you met people along the way that helped you-God was using them. I love you -and I'm praying for you too...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I was just going through my blog-list this morning and thought I'd stop by and let you know that I'm thinking of you--I hope all is well! Take care!!

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us. I have tears in my eyes, because sometimes life is so hard and there seems to be so many bumps along the way that shake our faith, but you're right, God IS good. Something to hold on to each and every day. I'll be praying for you both.