Sunday, June 23, 2013

News has been not so good

dandelion tincture
I am sorry that I have been MIA,a very bad blogger.I wanted to continue on with the true story about different things that happenned along the way after my husband`s transplant,I WILL witness it for God,but right now I can`t.I just cannot.
We got news we were not expecting.No one will transplant a second time in our core area in patients with Hep C.The "policy"has changed. They will not do a private transplant a second time either from a donor in your family.With all the increased knowledge that they have,they refuse.My husband has had his for 20 years!!! That is the limit on transplanted livers with Hep C.One more,we would all be happy,not going through this awful knowledge that he could be saved,but they won`t help him.It is scary.
Savannah with jersey woolie Charlie
I found someone on facebook who ,I believe,God has used to help me,& him also.They are not getting a saving liver transplant for someone in their family who is only in their 50`s either,this person has never HAD a transplant,& it is genitic,not hep c,no fault of their own that they need one.I can`t hardly believe that this is what it has come down to.
I still believe in using herbs.I ordered a special formula for hep C patients according to the book,Herbs for Hep C and the liver by Stephen Harrod Buhner,an excellent book for ref as to where to buy herbs,foods to eat,all sorts of things.My husband will not try them.He has given up.I nag,but nagging not only makes me feel bad,but I believe that your spirit has to be willing to help yourself heal.He will be seeing his pysc doc tomorrow,maybe she can help him in some way.
I too have Hep C.I believe I got it from nursing those patients who had it.Years ago I learned that had I known,I could have been reimbersed from my state job if I had filed sooner.Thank-you,Pa.state,for not letting your employees know this!!! Also,you may never realize that you even have it.I learned by accident when my RA doctor wanted to put me on methotrate-cannot spell!-& he tested me first.You can`t be on it if you have something wrong with your liver.That`s how I discovered it.I even let my job know that I had it while I was still working directly with the hep c patients.They said only if I bleed,please don`t allow anyone to touch me without gloves.In the meantime,there are my fellow workers who now I believe should have went & been tested for themselves as we all came in contact with those residents.I even belonged to the union AFSME! They were mentally ill patients who routinely threw urninels at you,spit on you,some of the worse ones to care for.
I never had to have a transplant.I was treated with the meds that they have out now,but it did not help.So,I am using the herbs & have been reading on everything I can about using weeds & things in your own backyard for healing yourself.God created this world,& everything in it,I believe there is a way to help yourself,with His help.
I made my first tincture of dandelion this spring,which should be ready for try soon.Dandelion is helpful for your liver.And it is free,in your yard!
Leaving you with some photos I`ve already posted on facebook.I will be visiting all of you soon..
Thursday my rabbit,Dori,had 11 babies to Cloud.11!! I had just took in 4 from Sherry Tenney on Mon.who asked me to give them a good home.I forgot I may have my own again.3 of the ones I got from her were a different breed than I have,Jersey Woolies who only get 1-3 lbs.
Hope you are all having a blessed day,thank-you for praying....
Richie & Rich
newborn babies
newborn english/german angora bunnies
Belle & Bandit
Chloe`s new hairdo


Joyful said...

You are going through a lot so it is understandable why you wouldn't have so much time, energy or interest in blogging right now. It is hard to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. Perhaps as you say the psych. can help your husband change his mind. In the meantime do try and look after yourself. I too believe that God provided herbs and things for us to try and help ourselves. In fact, so many drugs are manufactured from them but in higher concentrations. I hope you find something that will help you with the Hep. C. Did you ever read the book by Naomi Judd? I haven't read it but I remember her saying she had Hep C and that she cured herself. Of course, if one has all kinds of money it is much easier to seek out all kinds of treatments but I just thought there might be something useful in the book. God bless. xx

Joyful said...

I just did a google search and came up with this one article about what Naomi Judd did to put her Hep C into remission.

Debra said...

Oh dear one~
I have been praying for you and thinking about you so much! I also believe in using plants...
I will keep you and your husband in my prayers..
Love you so much.

Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
I was afraid that something was going on in your corner of the world. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I think you are on the right track as far as your own health. It's sad that you can't help your husband more, but we can pray that he will find a spark to fight it with again, even in the face of such devastating news.

You will have your hands full in bunny land! What a large litter. They will be so cute in a few weeks.

I just pulled out one of my herbal books over the weekend to see how to dry some plants, and was once again amazed at the wide variety of medicinal herbs and food that live in our yards under the guise of 'weeds'.

Take care,