Sunday, June 30, 2013

Burdock,black snake,musings...

The pysc doc couldn`t do much for my husband but talk & ask him if he needed a therapist to talk to ,he said,no,he didn`t need one.I asked her about herbs & she said that it really depends which ones that may have a bad effect on him & the meds he is already on.When he first got his liver 20 years ago,the hospital in Pitt was using a med for rejection that was not approved yet by the FDA,it was called FK-506,now known as Prograf.I`m pretty sure it was derived from a Japanese moss,but I`ll have to look it up again to be sure.It was something to do with a moss or something ,a plant.The other night he read the book I bought on herbs.He is willing to try them.So,today I went out & struggled with digging out burdock to get some of its taproot.The root,stems,& even leaves can be used as a cleanser for your liver.It is very good for you.I would curse it because the collies & shelties & goats even would get into it when it`s in flower/seed form,& it would stick in their fur & be an awful mess to get out.Who knew that this weed would be actually very good for you,who thought to cook it or tincture it? I cut it up real fine & put it in a chicken stock today & we had it with rice.You can`t really taste it.
I was moved to buy a book about a year ago on herbs,a very nice textbook,but no pictures.I asked myself,why did you get this?Well,it was the Holy Spirit moving me ,I believe, for this future of trying to help our bodies get well.Belle,the new sheltie loves to chew on books,exactly like Max,my collie did.This book has a wealth of info.
As Joyful said,Naomi Judd`s site has alot of info as well,she even has the book I was talking about that I`ve already bought.
I have hope.
On facebook,I`ve been talking about the black snake.It is living under my deck or in the woodpile,when I see him,he is slithering his way up the side of the deck to wait at the door for me.This is not a small snake.He has to be 6 feet long,& look at how full his belly is! About a week of this,& I`ve had it.Turtleman,where are you? I need you!!! I guess I`ll go for moth balls to scatter around,anyone know of a good remedy for ridding oneself of the snake?I do not want him to get my baby bunnies.I do not believe he can get through into the cage.They are growing & looking very healthy.
he has got to go,habitat or no habitat,he has worn his welcome out

a week old now,english/german angora bunnies
burdock & root & stems chopped for in a stock with chicken

looks like he just had a meal
Washing my deck would help,but I`m afraid I`ll hurt him using bleach.It is a love/hate relationship with the serpent...


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Wow, that really is a big snake!! I found myself holding my breath as I was reading about him--I share those same feelings you do about them, and hope that this big-boy will decide to move on.

Debra said...

Ummmm-are you sure this is not a rattle snake??! I guess you'd know it-but wow-his skin sure looks like a rattler. I don't blame you for fearing for the babies-snakes can get into awful small holes-so be careful. I bet that's why he's still hanging out there-he can smell the babies, or hear them maybe....SO glad about the herbs! I always have to laugh when I hear people say, "Oh, it's safe-it's a plant!" Little do they know the most deadly stuff we could put into our bodies come from plants! Love ya.

Tammy said...

I hope the herbs help and at least you are trying and your husband is trying. I started a mint tincture the other day...will see how that turns out! I'm going to try yarrow next.