Friday, August 2, 2013

Jersey Woolies,angora babies a month old now

she is going for 4 H 
my little guy
Sherry gave me more Jersey Woolie bunnies.She will be taking some of mine when they are old enough .I am giving a pair to a woman who has children wanting them for the 4 H club.I need to find good homes for several others.Here are some pictures I took after I groomed them today.
broken tort buck going for 4 H
I am also posting Buttermint-angora hybrid,Ginger,another angora hybrid,& Dori with the babies.
smoke pearl
Dori & babies
Buttermint,angora hybid,needs brushed & clipped,Sherry gave her to me too,such a nice girl


Debra said...

Phylisso-they are all beautiful bunnies. You are a good rabbit mama!

Phyllis Oller said...

I can`t believe that it all started because a woman at church gave me her Holland Lop.The rabbit died,& I was devestated,only had him for 2 months.So...I joined rabbit clubs & finally got my first.Now look at me.I`m blessed to have a husband who doesn`t give me grief over having my pets.phyllis

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