Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Bird Wed.

I am trying to get back into the loop of a routine again,the days here have been difficult,just got my husband out of the hospital`s ccu unit last night.His ammonia level was way up again as is something new now to worry about,a high potassium level.At any rate,God goes with me day by day.
I am posting some birds for wild bird Wed. I know,it Thurs.,but you can still post your pictures of wild birds here for another day.
The brown thrashers have nested twice again this summer,producing 2 little ones ,I believe it was early June for the first babies,now they have just 1 they are feeding that just fledged.This last little one cries some towards evenning,the bird is hiding in the brush,but I know the parents are around.
Then there`s the pretty doves,catbirds,nuthatches at the feeder also.
We have more hummingbirds this year,I find putting the feeders all close to each other attracts them more them placing them all at different areas throughout the yard.
baby brown thrasher
scared brown baby thrasher
It is a chilly morning here in Pa.,almost tempted to start a fire in the stove!


Joyful said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's new health issues. I pray it will all be resolved satisfactorily soon. You've got some great bird shots! Have a peaceful weekend.

Ken Schneider said...

I also wish your husband a speedy recovery. Your thrasher reminds me of how protective they can be of their young. As a kid I had one attack me when I approached its nest with chicks in it. I will never forget the angry fire in its bright yellow eyes.