Monday, August 26, 2013


It was a surprise in a way to see that Judy,over at Knit Quilt Weave is also spinning what I am spinning,the same fiber that I have oodles of stored.I sent her some many months ago after she sent me a beautiful prayer quilt.I need to dye more colors to blend with this blend of mohair & wool.I did start on the autumn colors that I dyed myself,but I put some angelina glittery fiber in with it for some jazz as I have done here with the blue/purple colors.
It helps me to think spinning,sitting outside with the dogs,camera at my side,watching nature.
My RA doctor has a nurse practioner working with him now,& she sure is an angel.I was telling her today about my husband & the stress that I`m going through.I can`t understand why the dh doesn`t just take his meds on time,get up & fight this disease,try harder.Today & last night I discovered another leak in the copper pipe in the basement,he is just now getting out of bed to fix it at 4pm.I had bought the pipe at Lowes on my way home from the doctor`s.I ought to be down there watching so next time I can do it myself.The NP said to me-I didn`t tell her about the woes of no water-maybe he is just tired.He is just plain too tired to fight anymore.She saw that I was reading Beth Moores new book & she said about the book & whispered,you know you are not alone in this.I almost cried & gave her a hug.She was so kind & knew the exact words to say to me today.
Now for a stroll through what I`ve been doing & seeing.
My husband,and son,have a "thing" for picking up FREE stuff along the road.Well,he picked up these metal bed rails that I finally spray painted & put out in the yard ,it is a section of the yard that I kept getting the mower stuck in because 20 years ago our trees fell in  straightline winds that came through,& the guys helping us with the clean-up buried the stumps in the ground.Well,now the ground is settling & we are getting an uneven ground to navigate on.So,this is one area of wildflowers I have planted the bed rails marking the spot not to mow.
We have lots of swallow-tail butterflies now,still no monarchs yet.I have been pruning & pruning.As you can see,it is still a jungle here.
peach tree never gets sprayed,so usually get no good fruit from it
apple tree goats ate the other ones
welcome to the jungle


Joyful said...

Lovely photos and beautiful yarn. I get what the NP said about your husband being too tired to fight. I'm getting like that when it comes to caring for a loved one. There are just days I am too tired to do a good job and it sometimes seems so overwhelming. It is on days like that we need to hear something encouraging. I'm glad the nurse knew just what to say to you today. May our gracious God continue to grant both you and your husband, the strength you need. Hugs. xx

Judy said...

That looks like a wonderfully peaceful place to spin! What a view you have with all of that green :-) I'm sorry about the plumbing, just what you don't need right now, I guess there really isn't a good time for that headache. Take care of yourself.
Thanks again for the lovely fiber to play with!