Saturday, August 31, 2013


Say hello to Marlee,the new member of the family.My son was given this yellow lab/husky mix,& she is capturing everyone`s heart.She was Savannah`s big surprise when her father got her Fri.Night.She is soooo happy.When I went inside to see Savannah`s expression on her face about the surprise,she noticed Marlee had peed & pooped on the floor.She said,please don`t let NaNa take her because she peed on the floor,daddy.
She reminds me so much of myself.


Aleta said...

What a sweet dog, and sweet little girl! Both she and the dog are obviously having a wonderful time!

Phyllis Oller said...

Richie says Marlee reminds him of our Sadie,the first collie that we had when he was Savannah`s age.