Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nuthatch & Squirrel & mushroom sandwich

I filled the feeder today after the squirrel peered in at me,always on the alert for the crazy dog who he thinks can reach him at the feeder,so the squirrel leaps off the feeder,& Bandit does not see where he went anyhow.I should video it. It makes for a little entertainment here for me.
Thank-you Richie & Savannah for providing the wild mushrooms for my much anticipated butter bread sandwich for supper!

chocolate wild mushroom sandwich


Aleta said...

What kind of mushrooms are they? We have lots of mushrooms around here in the woods, but I'm always afraid to try to identify them because you only get one shot at it!! I'm afraid I'll pick a poisonous one. the only ones I am confident with are morrels and they come out in April.

Phyllis Oller said...

We call them chocolate or milky mushrooms,the flavor is kinda like a portabella.phyllis