Friday, October 11, 2013

6 years since Max died

Maggie and Max
Last week made 1 year since Maggie died,this week was 6 years since Max died,& in the next couple of weeks it will be 3 years since Hunter died.No wonder I am sad when fall gets here.
Max had lung cancer,cancer all through him.
he had to have his tail amputated due to a cyst that the vet said was not cancerous,but I always wondered


Sam said...

Hugs. They never really leave you.

Monty and Harlow

Debra said...

Collies are such beautiful dogs. You are a loving mama to all of your animals.

Aleta said...

Nothing and nobody who seems to pass away every is apart from us! Although we can't give them a hug and see them with our physical eyes, they are ALWAYS with us. It is impossible for them not to be. (I know it is easy to say but hard to experience! It hurts, no doubt about it!) We can be thankful for the gift of their loving presence in our lives! Love you!