Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Guy is sentenced in the DUI accident last year

I`m guessing it is ok to post pictures of the guy`s car who hit me last year & broke my neck & ribs..I already posted my Kia,but here it is again for those who didn`t see.
The driver`s window was broken after it was towed,it did not break in the accident.The point of impact was the windshield & took me up into the air,& thank God he had the presence of mind to turn the wheel as I thought he was coming inside to sit on my lap,I really did,thought I was going to die,& he ended up on the front end.
I spoke to God.I did.God said you can close your eyes & come home,or stay alert to take care of Rich,He said Rich,that is correct.If I`d have closed my eyes like I so wanted to,I believe my neck would have broke the whole way through.The er doctor said I was one lucky gal,I could have been paralized from the neck down,or dead.My neck on the scan is broken halfway through at the brain stem.I wore a cervical collar day & night for 3 months.It was hard to sleep in.The grandkids would not hug me,they were afraid that they would"break" me more.I had no feeling in my left arm,I`d drop things constantly & not know it,like my mac card,it was a painful time for me.
I learned the guy was ok,he was the first I thought of,he must have had a heart attack or something to hit me that hard in broad daylight at 5pm on a beautiful Sun.afternoon .He "thought" he was going to wash his car that day,but was unsure.His blood alcohol was over TWICE the legal limit.I had my dead dog in the back of my van-had to drive her to Hagerstown earlier as she was sick on this Sun.& I felt it necessary to run her to the doggie er,I had to end up putting her to sleep,my sweet Maggie.So,the fire police were kind enough to call my brother{Rich was watching football & never answered the phone} & kept my van there so my brother could collect the dog .My brother said later, after I could laugh a little ,that when the person called him & said his sister was in an accident,could you come & get the dead dog,all he could think of,well,what happenned to my sister?! And what happenned to the dog?!
Well,I did not go to any hearing or sentencing,I did feel compassion for the guy.They wanted me to speak at the sentencing,blah,blah,but I did not.I just hope he found God ,he has been in other trouble before.
my Kia
I got a letter today from victim services.He was in court Oct.2 & he gets 72 hours--6 months,work release,other things he has to do,but the thing that got me is this...very embarrassing...he has to post written notices at 10 locations in Fayetteville advising the public of his criminal convictions.That made me smile.Fayetteville is not that big,so am looking forward to seeing these notices.I thought he got off easy,am not going to disclose his name,but am looking forward to viewing these notices.
his car


Joyful said...

OH my! That was quite the accident. God certainly did preserve you. It is probably best you saved yourself the grief of attending hearings, esp. if the outcome would not be any different. May you continue to heal. xx

Debra said...

Wow Phylliso-I'm glad you kept your eyes open! God bless you dear one.

Sam said...

Yikes! I'm glad you are okay - and I love this trend of letting the public know what you (the other driver) has done!

Monty and Harlow

Judy said...

Wow, I remember when you first posted about this accident. 72 hours? Are you kidding me?? He chose to get loaded and then drive. God's hands were on you as it was a miracle you weren't paralyzed. You have a forgiving spirit....
I hope that you have had a full recovery.

Aleta said...

Yes, that was a terrible, terrible accident! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse, or killed! God was with you on that day!