Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will I ever be done grooming?

Dora`s 1 of 8 babies,2 months old now
carolina wren
Emma,the last kitten who stayed
I stood & groomed today for awhile,it was so pretty outside.Emma joined me.My cats are all indoor cats,declawed,but she really likes to be out with me & stays with me like a dog,so my heart melts & I let her sit with me.
We watched birds.I thought something was wrong with the carolina wren,I never saw one perched like that,she kept looking down too,& it occured to me that maybe the rat snake was down there.We didn`t see it ,however.
I have 7 more bunnies to brush out yet.Dori,the mamma bunny`s coat was awful,she was shedding out her light color & growing the black back in.Her baby is as big as her.I believe I got alot of girls this time,I haven`t sexed them all yet,but what I see appears to be girls.
Ginger had to have alot of her cute facial hair cut off as it had hay in it.


Debra said...

Your bunnies are so cute. It's almost hard to find the little face-they have so much fur!
I've never seen a wren do that either-very cute photos!

Judy said...

Ah, what wonderful bunnies! I bet their hair is just great to spin. You get such good bird photos. Thanks for sharing them.