Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harlan at the farm

don`t care for the flash of light
my name is valentine,wonder why?
would love to have her,believe I could maybe handle this little one
I`m smiling
still smiling,are you done yet?
I drove 4 bunnies miles away yesterday,an hour and a half drive one way to be adopted by a family.Sherry Tenney provided these champion Jersey Woolies for free for 4 H for this little girl. My friend,Jen,who knows the family went along.The photos I took of the people who got the bunnies are on my phone,have to figure out how to get them off & on the computer.The 4 year old little girl came over & hugged me around the legs,it was so cute.It is so nice to make new friends.However,I did have my other camera along to snap these pics of Harlan,Jen`s horse,& some other critters we saw at a  farm before we left.
I would love to have a horse,but up close & personal to these,I realize I could never handle them.I did ride at one time,& I loved it,my husband,not so much.His horse threw him & broke his arm.We never rode again.
This horse of Jen`s would walk with the race horses after a race.Wow,he is HUGE.His mouth could fit around my whole head.
I would like to have this pretty pony,she seems laid back & not so pushy.
it is going to be hard to eat a ham now after seeing this guy smile at me
wish you could have heard the racket these donkeys made 
did I tell you he is HUGE?
every cookie you give to someone else,I`ll be watching...
I can`t believe how all the animals seem to be smiling for their pictures,a goat,this pig...ones I didn`t capture as I was so entralled with them all.All & all,it was a beautiful day,long,but beautiful.I think I`ll take a nap now after posting this,lol...


Debra said...

What a fun post-felt like I was there with ya!

Judy said...

What a great post! I love horses, I had one for a few years when I was growing up and it was such a great companion for me. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I also enjoyed your post, and am sorry I've gotten here late--I have to start paying better attention! :-)

How kind of you to 'gift' the bunnies!!

But I love horses, but admire them from a safe distance, would you believe that I'm just so afraid of them?

Joyful said...

All great animal pictures :-)