Sunday, October 27, 2013

Church & day spent with Savannah & my son,warning,lots of pics with child on pony! Raptors being bombarded by crows...

we weren`t even away from the farm when she said she wants a horse & pony,she was sad to leave
gave Angel cookies when she was put away
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at some point Savannah became so comfortable that she flicked her hat off,flipped her fingers through her hair,tossing her head about ,& before our eyes,
she changed into Miss Diva
My granddaughter,Savannah,went with me to church today.I had not been there in awhile & it felt good to be with the church family even if I don`t know alot of people.Our church has grown so large with their own little cliques & groups that there are times I feel out of place,even though I know that I am not.I did find a couple of ladies to hug who remembered Savannah as well.

My son & I then took her to the farm where Jenn said she could take a ride on a pony.Before Jenn arrived,I tried to capture pictures of the rapors being bombarded by the crows,they were really going at it by soaring right into them.One looks like a baby eagle.As you can see,the pictures are not good,all blurry,my eyes were bothering me today.

Richie hates to admit it,but he is an animal lover too.He fell in love with Peanut & Jenn`s horse,Harlan.They are the ones in with the donkeys.The donkeys have such expressive faces.They did not he-haw as loudly as the first time that I visited.

Savannah  got to ride Angel when Jenn came.She was a little afraid at first,but towards the end she became comfortable & took her hat off & threw it at her dad,flipped her hair around with her hands....well,she just looked like a little diva.
Many thanks to Jenn & the ladies who own the farm...
I`m always the shadow taking the picture
Jenn Richie Savannah
blurry,I did not get any good pictures of Harlan today.he caught Jenn on her cheek ,which was discoloring ,with a head butt on the ride she had him on today


Debra said...

What a nice day you had!

Aleta said...

I love the hawk pictures! I can never get pictures like that!