Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grateful and white throated sparrow

First I have to say I am thankful & so grateful for my friends & relatives,people who pray & physically help me with things I cannot do on my own.My friend,Jenn,put together these awesome rabbit cages from Bass Equipment,I could not do it on my own,neither could my husband.Sherry took some bunnies off my hands,& now I do not feel so overwelmed with taking care of the animals.It is so much simpler having stackable cages on canisters .I will need the step ladder to reach the top cage though.

Next I`ll try to build the macaws stands that they cannot get down off of ,to get rid of their cages to provide more room out there for them.

Our son has been bringing in wood for us.The furnace stopped working 3 times this year,so many things have gone wrong that I am not even going to mention.The devil has fun when a person is down.But we ALWAYS can pick ourselves up again,no time to sit around,have to keep going on.

I changed to comcast ,bundling everything,mainly because of the long distance unlimited phone usage,it was changed Fri.We had a phone when the guy was done,however for the whole weekend we didn`t,& didn`t know it till Sun.evenning.My brother came out Mon.& found the problem & fixed it.I thought it was a loose wire I was not seeing,but it was more than that,he had to hook the phones up differently.Apparently there is a "boss" phone,& all the other phones that hook to it are "slaves".Who knew? Not me.

I expect my husband to be back in the hospital soon again.His kidney numbers are up,we`ve waited 2 weeks now to get in to see a specialist,has not happenned yet,he is getting confused again,& he has a small "mass" in his breast.I am so getting an education with all of his & my health conditions,we have seen it all.The family doctor told him since his liver is going bad,a man produces estrogen sometimes because of this,& that is what is happenning with him,he is growing breasts.One has a hard spot,so he has to go for a mammogram to identify that is what is truly  going on with him.He may need a biopsy.This did not happen to him 20 years ago before his first liver transplant.He sleeps alot .I have phoned several hospitals with no luck on any wanting to see him for a second transplant.That`s what our liver doctor said,start phoning everywhere.In Mexico you have to bring a living donor.It is illegal to use a cadvar.He will not take any herbs,not even turmeric.

In the past 2 weeks,the winter birds are flocking in.I`ve seen the dark eyes juncos & the white throated sparrows.

I will try to keep on blogging,forgive me if I don`t get around to everyone right now.


Joyful said...

My dear if you do not get around to blogging everyone will certainly understand. But if you do get around to blogging we can at least know how to pray for you and your husband.

God bless you with everything you need at this time, strength, help, peace, finances. I pray too for some miracles of healing and helps in that area. Lord bless Phyllis and her husband as only you know how to do and only you know their every need. I pray the Heavenly hosts to circle them and minister to their needs. In Jesus' name I ask and pray, Amen.

Debra said...

Amen to Joyful's beautiful prayer...
I love you Phylliso.

Tammy said...

Your hands are so full right now, but you just keep pressing forward. I don't know how you are able to juggle everything and even blog at all! Take care of yourself and you all will be in my prayers.

Judy said...

Everyone will understand if you don't have time to read posts. Take care of yourself and your hubby. You're so right about the Devil adding to our burdens when we are loaded down with other things. I'll be praying for you both.

Phyllis Oller said...

I am just so thankful for my praying friends,I am so humbled by all of you,thank-you,love to all of you,