Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mr.Curley Eared 2-16-14

I have sad news,next post good news,though.Last Sat.I noticed Mr.Curley wasn`t himself.He is long haired & I assumed he had a hairball.I bathed him &  gave him hairball over the counter meds.He vomited a few times,& a piece of hay was in one.He likes to go out & get into the bag of rabbits hay.I shoo him away.

Sunday,he was worse,so we were on the way to the er vet in Maryland.The vet tech knew right away his bladder was full,he had a urinary blockage.The vet on duty said he would cath him,then stitch a cath in & I could pick him up the next morning & take him to my vet.I told him Mr.Curley does not do well with anesthesia.I came home after signing the papers to give him cpr as he was not very old,& thought he would be ok.I no sooner got home{remember the last time I was there I brought Maggie home after I had to have her put to sleep,& the drunk driver hit me head on & broke my neck & ribs,demolished my van} the vet called me & said Mr.Curley died.His bladder filled right back up & he decided to drain it again right away because of his potassium level,my cat was fine,then the monitor showed his heart had stopped.They gave him cpr,he died.I was devastated.

He was an unassuming cat,minded his own business,not a lap cat,but when you were brushing your hair at the bathroom sink,he was right there,wanting brushed too.I`d brush mine,then his...he was a beautiful cat.He had a bad start in life,I got a call to come & get an albino kitten,when I saw him & siblings,I took them all.My neighbors greatgrandson saw them after I cleaned them up & began caring for them,& they adopted 3.The vet told them they didn`t think that they would survive,but they did.

Ginger ,my bunny,
& Mr.Curley are waiting to be buried the the garden as the ground hasn`t thawed yet.


Joyful said...

Aw so sad. Mr. Curly was a beauty. At least he had some good years of love from you.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm catching up on your blog, and will start here and tell you how sorry I am about Mr. Curly. We lost our cat about a month ago, and I know what you are going through--But I hope you find comfort in your memories and in knowing that he had a wonderful life because of you unselfishly opening your heart and home to him.... Again, I am so, so sorry.

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry Phyllis. That is so sad. He was a beautiful boy and while he blessed your life, you also blessed his --he was given a chance to be a normal happy kitty. He reminds me of my rotten boy, Sage in looks.

I tried to email you when you told me you were getting a collie, but it was returned, I guess I don't have your current email now. I'll comment on the good news tomorrow!

Take of yourself.


Phyllis Oller said...

new email