Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Collies!

Thursday my friend & groomer,Jen,& I travelled 3 hours 1 way to pick up 2 collies.I adopted a 7 year old sable & white boy who is sterile,& a tri colored 4 year old girl,Mia.I was unsure that I could handle the big boy,but I`m so glad I listened to Jen & took him as he is a sweetheart.

I never asked the people if they got along with cats,but Zeke took  to Simon right away,as did Simon.

As for me,my spirit was lifted just being around the collies.I feel I can face life again.People said,you shouldn`t get them now,you are going through so much with your sick husband.This was exactly what I needed,collie happy faces & love.....So far,everyone is getting along.Bandit doesn`t care for newcomers,but Simon & Mia push right past his ugly face & do not engage him as a puppy would.They are housebroken & have manners,& are the best 2 descions I`ve made for myself in a long time.We are bonded totally.I love them to pieces.My sidebars on my blog need updated much loss & unhappiness this year so far,but much to look forward to now,thank the dear Lord & for my patient,loving friend who is like a daughter to me for jumping at the chance to go on my road trip,thank-you,Jen!!!



Joyful said...

The collies are beautiful. I can see why you fell in love with them :-)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What beautiful and handsome new additions!! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you have many wonderful, fun and memorable years together!!

JoJo said...

My best friend is looking around for a collie to adopt. She lost her beloved Princess a few months ago. She tends to adopt the older dogs so she's lost 3 collies in the past 10 years. I'm so glad you got them!

Tammy said...

Ah..beautiful and I'm sure your heart is joyous. Nothing like a collie if you love them. I'm very happy for you and will send more in an email! Your girl does remind me of my dear Minty--although I believe your girl is white factored (because of her extensive white leg markings).


Phyllis Oller said...

Tammy,you are right,Mia is white factored.They are so gentle with Rich,not jumping on him & sometimes they just sit & watch him sleep.It is endearing.Chloe,his "guard" dog won`t let them get too close anyhow,lol.

JoJo,I encourage your friend to contact the collie club in her state to find a collie.That is how I finally found mine.I also wanted older ones.They would know of breeders looking to place their older dogs.

Thanks Penny & Kim!!! They are great dogs!phyllis