Saturday, February 22, 2014


I forgot to tell you about Mittens.The vet has decided now that she has ocd & we have her on a med.She is still digging that area behind her ear.So,she has gotten out of sweaters to cover it,the collars,so today I bought a cat collar that I plan on sewing fabric around it in hopes she cannot reac the spot.

They had said at first she had allergies.She still may as I`ve caught her out in the bunny/parrot room coming from it with a red nose & sneezing.We will see how it goes.She is so hard to catch & do anything to.I wonder if declawing her back claws would help any? All of the indoor cats are front declawed.


JoJo said...

Awww poor Mittens!!! I hope she stops digging like that.

Tammy said...

She could have a combination of allergies and ocd. Cats are weird and some (allot!) of them do not have good coping skills. I can relate. Ha.

Hoping the meds help. I'm trying the pheromone collars on mine now, but can't leave them on when I'm gone, afraid they'll kill themselves.

Hope the collar you fashion will work for her. It's just such a difficult place to cover. Just my opinion but I don't think declawing her back toes will help--and could stress her even more. I think since it's already raw she could continue to dig at it with her 'toes'.


Aleta said...

Oh, Phyllis, I wouldn't declaw her back claws. It would cause her more stress and confusion, no traction, etc. Maybe get those covers you can get for over cats' claws, or clip them.
I hate declawing at all and wish we hadn't even done it to ours, but once you do one, you have to do the others, especially in our case when the new one is bullied. My sis in law has 5 cats and none are declawed; her husband made this really neat clawing box with corrugated paper and they use it. No claw marks in her furniture at all.
Anyway, just sharing my opinion about back declawing.