Thursday, February 27, 2014

University of Pa & making dolls again

I emailed 2 hospitals on Sun.One is a Jewish hospital in Missouri,& 1 was the University of Pa.I fouind them by typing in liver transplant hospitals who accept atena medicare.I thought maybe I was going about finding a hospital for my husband all wrong.

They both called me on Mon.I actually spoke to a transplant coordinator from the university,which is in Philadelphia,closer to where we live.She told me how to get him a patient reg.#,she got me a fax # for his records,& gave me some hope,tho she warned me they might not take him.I was happy regardless.In my haste called his liver doctor,I told them the hospital was Penn State.Hahahahah...they called me right back & said the doctor said Penn State doesn`t do transplants.Duhhhh...we laughed about it.I didn`t call Pittsburgh about his records there.I don`t know if they`ll need those or not.

I have begun making dolls again.Sun.was just a good all around day,I had time to myself here at home.My dh sleeps a lot.I didn`t have to drive anyone around.So,pulled out a pattern from soft dolls & animals mag & made the doll on the front cover.It took me a couple of days to create her.I was horrified to discover my hands could hardly get the bobbin on my machine in & out.I have only been spinning,& my hands told me I must do these other things like knitting to get them to work better again.But,here she is,I was pleased with her...


JoJo said...

Your doll came out really cute!! Best of luck to you and your husband with the transplant!

My ex-h had HCV. Unfortunately he was extremely arrogant and cavalier, and decided he knew better than his doctors and continued to abuse alcohol till he died in 2012. They wouldn't put him on the transplant list b/c of the alcoholism.

Phyllis Oller said...

That is a shame about your ex-husband.
20 years ago my husband worked up to the day he received his transplant,& 7 months later went back to work full time,he was a welder.UPMC had him try the treatment to try to rid himself of hep c,but the 2 times he tried,he got sick.The last time he had to retire from his job ,he got so sick.You would think by now they would have a better treatment option,I know that there is a new pill out,Sofosbuvir,but it is used in conjunction with the shots.