Monday, March 17, 2014

Musings,sponsered a child,Jamie Grace

I did not fall off the face of the earth.My days are routine now,get up early,take my dh`s blood sugar,give him 2 shots in the am,give him his pills,make sure he has cereal or breakfast whatever he would want.That is just early am...Lately I`ve had a talk with God because not only did I have to take care of him & my animals-which are my joy,my furnace has stopped running again,so it is beat it to empty ashes & restart the woodstove in the am as well as it has been still so cold.Why,God,pile so much on me at once? So,called the furnace guy & the part is on order,it is a "pigtail" that holds wires all together,he rigged it earlier in the winter,but now it needs a perm fix.After the talk with God,the oil heat has been back on,hopefully I won`t have to hurry to get the fire going for much longer as the wires have stayed in place,for now..hopefully till that part comes in.

Two weeks ago,God whispered to me ,reminding me of a life  long wish of mine to sponser a child.I never thought I was committed enough.My family has always been totally against it.But I was reminded 2 weeks ago when the radio station I was listening to had a telethon going on.I felt that small voice within remind me again that this is the right time now,go & look at least at their pictures.

Now,I know some people will say,help our children in the USA.Well,I do.And if you belong to a church,you should know that you do as well,& as well as other programs your church has in place to help our people in our community,that`s what our tithes go for,you are giving to your church & your community if it is only a dollar.These children who live in proverty every day have no hope unless we help them.

I`m not here to preach,just saying I sponsored a little girl in Indonesia,she is 4,her name is Angela Marici Fallo,they call her Ici.I fell in love with the proud & determined look on her face,her clothing looked typical Muslim.I will post a pic as soon as I can get my printer to love this new computer.She has 2 other siblings,she loves to sing & play with dolls & she is in charge of her family`s animals,feeding & watering them...someone after my own heart.$38 is all I have to send to help Ici & her family.

Flash forward to Sat.,I bought tickets to see Jamie Grace in concert.She was wonderful.Savannah just loves her.Jamie`s message the children through compassion international.I was really very surprised.I felt then that I did the right thing .

Leaving you with a walk in my woods,a flicker,pileated woodpecker,some sort of poop-yes,poop in the woods is always interesting to me-the hawk was hunting the birds were hiding,the woodpecker was on the floor of the forest.I have already posted these pics to facebook because sometimes it is easier not to write anything...just post a picture or 2.

Mia & Simon are settling in & this week I`ll be hiring someone to put up better fencing.

son heard a coyote in the woods,their poop?I have all bunnies inside now
Jen gave Chloe a much needed haircut,Jen`s getting slimmer & slimmer!!!way to go Jen!
Bad boy Bandit is liking the new dogs,thank the dear Lord!
pileated woodpecker


Joyful said...

I hope life will smooth out for you soon. It is difficult when so much is thrown at us at any one time. Good for you for sponsoring a child. We always should feel good about helping the truly needy where ever they might live. I too know people that like to say, there are needy in your back yard. I say 'yes' and I do what I can there too but my heart and calling are for the needy in Africa.

JoJo said...

I sponsored a little girl on the Pine Ridge reservation in the 90s through Circle of Children, but I think that charity is now defunct. I enjoyed the more personal relationship I developed w/ her and her mom. We wrote letters back and forth. I lost touch with her when she was about 18 b/c she was moving a lot, but we picked up on facebook a couple years ago. She's now a mother of 2 herself!

I hope that you catch a break soon from all the bad news and stuff. Can you believe how cold it is still??