Friday, April 4, 2014

All about the birds

If you recall this fall I heaped a bumperload of gourds,all kinds.Some of the bigger ones aren`t dry yet,some of the basket gourds got rotted on the bottom,however I feel that they are still worthy of some craft,perhaps paperclay the bottom & paint something on them,I`ll figure it out.

I sanded them by hand &  painted some of them pink,that is the only exterior color of paint I had,I had bought a pint of it on clearance for some unknown reason,probably just because it was on clearance! I had a pole that my dh had cemented in the ground for purple martins, years ago when we had goats,it was in their pen,& over the years they managed to dig it out.So,still connected to cement,we pulled it out & set it outside their pen.I got the bright idea that I was going to put these gourds on the pole & reuse it,just cement it in a flowerpot that fit & I could move it around the yard on the dolly.Hahahahah,what a joke on me.I couldn`t even get it to stand up straight.But,don`t fear for the birds,this pole isn`t going anywhere & the birdhouses are secured tightly.I`m sure my neighbor thinks I`m nuts,maybe not,he is 73 so maybe he does not even see them when he goes
you can wash the mold off with bleach water,but they are not dry yet
I used a leather auger to cut & carve holes punch a couple holes in bottoms so babies don`t drown if we get a bad rain
I have a few left over if someone would like 1 to make with their kids


Debra said...

Oh Phyllisso-it's wonderful! Your bird apartment house made me smile! Pink is perfect! You will get some girly-girl birds that think they are in some kind of spa....This is so cool!
My pile of gourds awaits me outside-I am for sure going to paint some pink!!!
Love ya!

Phyllis Oller said...

hahah,thanks Debra..