Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chickadees checking out the gourds

which one should I choose
They were working hard in a gourd yesterday,couldn`t tell which one they settled on.While I was outside,I heard the song of what I thought was the catbird.It was a brown thrasher already! I like to pen when they arrive every year,& for the past couple of years it has been earlier instead of the week of the 20th.Maybe I`ll get a better look today when I`m outside.


JoJo said...

Cool! I'm glad the birds are using them. I just read a hint about putting old yarn scraps in a suet feeder for the birds to use for nests. I'm going to have to try that.

Phyllis Oller said...

I`ve done that,also left fiber from the goats out for them.I find really unusual things in the nests sometimes.I took a picture of a robin`s nest that had curly ribbon in it from a gift.Now,I wonder where that picture is....phyllis

Judy said...

I love chickadees-they have such a distinctive head and call. You get such great bird photos.
Have a great weekend,

Diana Engela said...

Have so enjoyed your blog we have a pair of robins who take the cat bix fromthe patio table

Debra said...

Oh Phyllisso-these photos are just wonderful!! I just LOVE those pink gourds!