Friday, May 9, 2014

Fence up,I`m happy,the dogs lovin` it

Lowes finished installing the 6 foot high fence today for the dogs,are they ever happy,me too! It kinda looks like an institution though,but I`ll decorate it with morning glorys or grapevine on the outside,perhaps paint some signs & hang or wreaths....I told the guy the dogs should never be able to get over that,deer either,he said,if the dogs can get over that,then they deserve to get out,& we laughed.I was afraid at first Chloe would find a way out,especially when she didn`t come to me when I called her,but she was just being nosy.Even Pumpkin-who has been escaping a lot lately,stayed within the bounderies.He needs to stay inside,maybe a catico is next....
I had to post this even tho it is blurry,they really had a good run
Belle finds a piece of cardboard
Chloe,this old fence will come down


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful dogs! I love the Shelties!
Have a happy weekend and Mother's Day!

JoJo said...

I didn't know that Lowe's would put up a fence! Great to know. Your pups are adorable.

Tammy said...

Lovely fence and lovely dogs! I bet they were so excited! Nothing like a good 'free' run to burn that extra energy. I agree--nothing should get over that fence. They all look very happy. I had the best time when I first let the kitties out on their catio. They just ran and went berserk in joy.


Teresa Powell Coltrin said...

These look like Collies to me? With maybe one sheltie? My sister has lived with Collies all her adult life. They are the best dogs. She's now on her third set.

All I have is my new pup, Millie. I have a fenced in backyard, but I'm too nervous to let her out by herself, thinking an Eagle or something might make a meal out of her.

Nice new fence, btw.