Friday, August 1, 2014

Been keeping busy

I`ve been busy,it`s the best way to be. It seems like years since Rich died,but it`s only been a little over 2 months.

I was brought a little dog as a stray & was not being taken care of,but I had to turn him in,the owners have him,but the warden is on them so I filed to get him,but shouldn`t be sharing this I suppose ,so I won`t show his picture.I felt the most alive in the 2 days I had him than I have in a long time.

The snakes have been awful.I have not had the brown thrashers at the feeder feeding their young'un`s at all,I believe the black rat snake may have gotten the babies right out of the nest as I`ve saved a few catbirds by taking the hose to them in the trees,yes,in the trees!!!!
he is doubled across this limb


JoJo said...

I really never thought of PA as having a snakes in the trees issue. Ugh. I hope you do get to take the dog at some point though. Dogs are the best.

Phyllis Oller said...

I`ve known we have snakes,I live in the woods after all,but they have not been out in the open as they have been in the past 2 years.The tree is near our partial dirt basement where the furnance is.Guess they hibernate in the dirt part as that is where the snake skins are.This tree is right outside the basement.I really look around the riding lawn mower when I take it from the basement now,lol...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm seeing more snakes this year on our front porch than I have in the 7 years we've had them--And in our trees too. YIKES!!!

I hope that little pup finds his way to you... Take care, okay?

Sam said...

We've had a strange summer here in AZ - I haven't seen any snakes at all! Typically you see them early morning and late evening.

Monty and Harlow