Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Newburg,Pa.rural life festival

tractor pulls
plenty for children to do,picking up taters
they used wire  to tie the bales,no one wore gloves,had to be hard on hands
pride in the Amish man`s face
I loved watching the peoples faces
the man on the clear left knew every operation going on at this festival
the husks are flying off
the steam engine ran this machine that made the hay really fine.the hay too wet to use,other hay was used to bale
My friend,Cathleen,invited me on Sat.to go to an event that you don`t normally see,the Amish demonstrating how work on the farm was done in the olden times.It was almost 90 degrees on Sat.I was really moving forward with throwing away & the keeping of other things of my husband`s,here at home,I didn`t want to stop because I was making some progress.
the young couple running this steam engine were adorable

the man is driving the horses to cut the hay
a lot of thistles
gathering of the cut hay

But,I did decide to go,& I was glad.I don`t know how many pictures I can upload on this one post,but I`ll begin & may have to complete it another day.

removing corn from husks
I don`t think the pictures are going to load in order....just sayin`.
the horses at rest

these belts to this other machine help bale the hay
I had a ride on the wagon
cutting the hay by horses


Debra said...

Oh this was wonderful! I would have loved to have gone to it. I'm glad you are making progress at home, and that your pals are looking out for ya. I love you, Phylisso.

JoJo said...

Farming is hard work...I could never do it! I'm glad you had so much fun at this festival! I take it that the Amish didn't mind having their pics taken?

Aleta said...

That looks like i was fun! I'm glad you stopped working to go to this! I never even knew they had such a thing!

EG CameraGirl said...

I would very much LOVE to see this close up. The Amish around here don't like having their photos taken so you had a superb opportunity to photograph all this!

Phyllis Oller said...

I have a zoom lens & did not intrude,however they were expecting cameras & didn`t seem to mind.