Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Play Time with my kids

Pretty Mia, sleeps on the pillow in bed beside me
A beautiful fall day spent playing with my pets...I so needed it, been fixing drywall, painting, & my back was warning me to take a break...
Bandit ,the  sheltie ,the  boss of everyone
silly Belle, thinks she is hiding in the hole she dug under the blue spruce
Chloe, what do you think of my grooming? she couldn`t see, so I wacked
groomed 4 bunnies, 4 more to go, my aching back...
got a lot of fiber to spin
Simon has been quite the "tomato" dog, eating tomatoes from a pan in my sink!


Joyful said...

Beautiful photos of your fur kids. You have been so busy with back breaking work. I wonder why my back is so sore today when I haven't done any heavy lifting :-) It was sweet of you to think of me today. I am feeling a bit better day by day. I believe I'm well over the food poisoning but now dealing with inability to sleep and get good rest. Probably the change of seasons and weather. Have a beautiful week. xx

Debra said...

Hello dear Phylisso-
I'm utterly in love with Simon. I had a dog named Simon-he was the dog love of my life. But your boy is gorgeous, and I love any dog that knows a good tomato when he sees one! Especially when he that beautiful! Oh my! Sounds like you've had a full day or days-hope you can enjoy some time just doin' nuthin!

JoJo said...

Beautiful furkids!!!!! Pets are the best. I'm glad you took a break to spend time with them!!

Tammy said...

No better therapy! You have a beautiful pack to surround you and care for you.


How Sam Sees It said...

Such pretty animals! I always love to have ours around me when I work.

Monty and Harlow