Tuesday, November 25, 2008


No pics today,just wanted to vent a little.
Back in July I posted pics of bear scat on the dirt road.My dh said not to be alarmed,the bear was just passing through.As I walked the dogs & time passed I saw some more,then they must have left.Never bothered anyone,I never even saw them.Well,about 10 miles,maybe not even that,away from here,some jerk shot & killed a bear who was in his neighbors tree.At the local rod & gun club meeting,a game warden was there,telling about it.The bear that was killed was a mama bear,so now there are 2 cubs without a mother.The guy was fined over $2,000 for this crime.It just makes me so sad.


FIONA said...

How sad. My oldest son did a report on a scientist who researches bears. We learned so much from reading his book and emailing back and forth.

I wonder if the guy who shot the bear knows much about the animals and the true consequences of what he did.

Perhaps the punishment should include some education, along with the fine, and a requirement that he pass on what he learned to local students.

Sometimes I think we could be much more creative in the way we handle consequences for crimes.

Aleta said...

A similar thing happened here with a bobcat a few years back. It is heartbreaking.

phylliso said...

I agree with you,Fiona.We need more creative ways of dealing with crime & education is the answer.I believe I will write to our game commission about it.phylliso