Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Mom`s Kittens

My mom lost her cat in July,Mittens was 15 years old,she had gotten her at the shelter.The shelter wants $80 for just 1 kitten now,$70 for an adult cat.The prices are fine,given they are healthy & have had their shots & been spaded or neutered,but we could not find any.I called newspaper ads & searched,she didn`t want another cat till now,& when she says now,she means right away.So,I`ve been carrying a cat carrier with me in my car,hoping to see a sign where someone has free ones.
Well,yesterday when I went for my spinning wheel at The Mannings in East Berlin,I pulled my car up to the door & here were 4 kittens at the door standing.They were so young,so cute,I played with them awhile,then went in the store & asked if I could have 2.Everyone in the store waited to see what the answer would be,& I am sure after I left,there were none left.The woman was so nice whom I talked to & I told her I had a cat carrier along with me,have been carrying it in the car for some weeks now,& she & the others were laughing.It was a God sighting I believe.As soon as she tried them on canned food{she thought maybe they weren`t ready to leave yet}they gobbled it down & I paid for the wheel & some dye & left.The Mannings have a store you could spend all day in,but for that day I had to get the kitties home to my mom.


FIONA said...

They are adorable. It looks like they found the perfect home.

What did she name them?

phylliso said...

The gray & white one is Peggy,her brother will be Pat,Pat & Peg,phylliso