Thursday, November 10, 2011


I want to thank everyone for their kind comments.You are all so special to me.
Bandit got away from my dh again on we went right over to Petsmart & got Bandit & Maggie halters.I worry my dh is failing healthwise.He has been losing weight,& is now diabetic.He told me never to blog about him,but I feel it is time to praise God for his health so far,he has had a liver transplant 18 years ago,working until 10 years ago when he began having trouble with his lungs.Now he is smoking again,& I have fear I will be left alone here.There is no way I would ever leave this home in the woods though,I would make it somehow.Just say a little prayer for us when you think about it....
Zeke was nuetered & lasered off his front nails.Laser is supposed to be less painful for cats & they are to heal faster.My mom`s cats did well with their laser surgery,but Zeke gave the vet trouble & had to have his paws wrapped as he kept digging at his cage doors to get out.They wrapped them,& said he may need a one of those collars! I unwrapped them when we got home,was the tape ever hard to get loose! He is favoring his right front paw,we will see how it goes.
Maggie went for her shots & bloodwork when I picked Zeke up,& the vet phoned on Mon.& said Maggie`s triglceriates are over 900,they are supposed to be 300.So,she is shut in the bathroom every morning with the cats to eat her Hill`s KD formula food.Now if my dh would just quit feeding them everytime he eats something.
The vet came out & now the goats are updated on their shots & have health certificates when & if I decide to sell them.I have almost $1000 in vet bills these past 2 weeks.
It is rainning here in Pa. today.Today is our 38th wedding anniversary.It rainned 38 years ago as I recall.It has not been all roses for our marriage.There was a time when I took my son & left him.When he became ill,I somehow stepped over the wife role into the mother role.Does this happen to alot of women,I wonder?
Well,I have been keeping busy washing & dyeing fiber.I finally finished out those jars of the lily & lilac & yesterday I tried mahogney.I will have to take a pic of it,it is beautiful,a reddish brown color.I have so much carding to do ,I am tempted to buy an electric carder,but they run about $1000.
That`s what`s happenning in my world this am.


ButchCountry said...

I will hold you and yours in my prayers tonight and ask the congregation to send prayers this coming sunday at our church


phylliso said...


Baggaraggs: said...

Oh dear...marriage isn't a bed of Roses is It? I appreciate that you speak about it so openly. I am praying for your and your DH. sorryt hat I have been missing around here lately. Love, Robin

phylliso said...

Thank-you Robin & Butch,hugs,phyllis