Friday, March 8, 2013

Pittsburgh`s walking papers

I`m sorry I have been a bad blogger lately.So much has been going on here,not really good things,& I don`t know how much I can blog without getting into any trouble.I am only telling the truth.
As you know,my husband is sick.He had been given the gift of life from a donor in Pittsburgh on May 23,1993.He has Hep C.Hep C was unknown then,it was only till 1994 that doctors became aware of the deadly liver disease.People don`t realize that they have the disease till it is in it`s final stages.I will blog about that later.
My husband has had this liver for almost 20 years.He has taken good care of it.We don`t know who gave him the gift of life,all we know is the liver was badly bruised & didn`t have enough of -I can`t think of the word-tube part going out of the liver.The donor came from Pittsburgh.We are forever grateful to the family.We don`t know any more about the donor,we can only assume the person had a car accident.
A transplanted liver only lasts 20 years in a patient with Hep C.Hep C is a blood disease that is uncurable.There are treatments to try to rid oneself of it,but the 2 attempts my husband made,....let`s just say it didn`t work.
Pittsburgh phoned this week to tell my husband that their policy is people who have Hep C, they don`t transplant anymore.This is after he was hospitalized there in Aug.for 5 days.Our co-pay there was almost $2000.We assumed it would be wiped out once he was on the transplant list.That`s what we were told.
We were shocked at the doctor`s behaviour when we went to the follow-up visit, & even more shocked when he got a call from his RN this week,then the papers in the mail today for the release of his medical records so he can be transplanted somewhere else.
This is all I can write.I have been listenning to JJ Heller`s song lately,it is so perfect for me right now,Lord,I don`t know what You`re doing,but I know who You are...
The first hospital we had gone to in 1992/1993 rejected my husband & wouldn`t transplant him,then Pittsburgh got him in right away.The transplant team, then, when he was ready to undergo the operation, took me into the operating room with them & the surgeon held hands in a circle-all of the team & me-& prayed for us.I knew then we were in the right hospital.
Now I am praying for another miracle.


Debra said...

Oh dear friend-you have been on my mind lately. I have been praying for you. I love you.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I will keep you in my prayers that you find your way to those who can help your husband and find peace and comfort during this time...